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“I’ve condensed my Strategy into Up the Stairway to Maternal-Newborn-Child Health.  The Stairway is based on the best practices and lessons I’ve learned during my career.  And the Stairway has been peer reviewed.  You can download the Stairway and use it in your work – it’s especially useful as a tool for participatory planning workshops.  Please note the inclusion of Gender Equity in Step 1: Gender Equity, and Women’s Empowerment are derived from Millennium Development Goal 3. They offer an excellent foundation for the other steps in the stairway.  Also, please note the word “Truth” at the end of each step: Truth refers to the important facts required to replace the many myths and fallacies that exist in every culture.  It is important to include “Know the Truth” campaigns in your behavior change communications and to communicate the campaign through all the available media for each target group.”  



Selected Publications and Reports

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    14. Davies, John. The Dangerous Stairway for Mothers and Children: a Powerful Reproductive Health Planning Tool. World Vision Newsletter. 2002. Free download,

    15. Davies, John. Preventing HIV with Condoms: Nine Tips You Can Use. January, 2007. See

    16. Davies, John. Social Marketing for Health: Did it All Begin With Condoms?  Presented at First World Social Marketing Conference, Brighton, England. Sept, 2008. See also at

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